MR. DISTRO is a mechanism for dispersing limited edition publications from artists near and far. It is located outside Pressure Club in Philadelphia, PA and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All publications are dispensed out of MR. DISTRO for 1.00 each (4 Quarters) while supplies last. Artists are featured in roughly two months increments.

For updates and contact, we are on Instagram: @misterdistro


Publications list

  1. Definitive Fanamatronix, by Goatmother Industrial, released October 2018, spray paint and silkscreen zine, edition of 12
  2. Compartmentalize, by Sarah Everton, released January 2019, silkscreen poster/comic, edition of 20
  3. I took a derive, The One Sheet :Mr- Distro Edition, by Leah Mackin, released April 2019, silkscreen newspaper-style zine, edition of 20
  4. Real Presents, by Cooper Holoweski, released June 2019, double-sided silkscreen poster zine, edition of 20
  5. Drawn Out Plans for Remembering, by Jane Ferry, released September 2019, triple-sided silkscreen poster, edition of 20
  6. Conoscope, by Theo Mullen, released February 2020, portable double-sided silkscreen poster, edition of 20.
  7. Imagine A Better World, by Julia Alekseyeva, released October 2020, portable double-sided split-fountain poster, edition of 25.
  8. The Problem with Efficiency, by Kyle Schiffbauer, released February 2021, double-sided screen print,    edition of 25
  9. Real Facts, by Keith Allyn Spencer, released May 2021, limited edition double-sided screen print, edition of 25