“Recompose”—- by Jon Weary

Pressure Club would like to announce Recompose, an exhibition by Jon Weary featuring a variety of new paintings using an array of different materials.

The exhibition opened on Saturday, September 26th with socially-distanced opening reception from 6-8pm.

There will be a closing reception for the exhibition on Saturday, Nov 14th from 6-8pm. Attendees are asked to congregate outside the gallery until they can safely enter the socially-distanced gallery environment. Only 3 people will be allowed in the gallery at a time. So dress appropriately and please wear a mask.

As with every exhibition, we at Pressure Club collaborated with the artist to create a new print edition. We are very excited to share with you Jon Weary’s 12-layer screen print, “Lay Me Low.” (pictured below)

Also below is a selection of images from the installed exhibition.

Here is a short excerpt from the artist statement about the print and the exhibition:

“My process for this print began with found cross stitch patterns discovered while digging through a family archive. These black and white patterns use a grid and a series of symbols to show what color thread to use, and had been hand colored by my late mother to mark her progress in the embroidery. This screen print mimics this process, using color to measure time and progress of the design.”

Much of the rest of the work in this show is tangentially related to the ideas in the print. Text that appears elsewhere references sayings from other cross stitches, painted signs, and similar objects that were displayed in my families’ homes.”

The exhibition is also available for viewing by appointment. Please email or instagram DM us to arrange a visit.

For more on Jon Weary:


For more on Pressure Club:


Jon Weary

Lay Me Low

12-layer screenprint on Stonehenge paper

18’ x 24”

Edition of 24

Published by Pressure Club


$150 ($165 with shipping in tube)

If you are interested in purchasing a print, email Pressure Club at:


P.S. 100% of the sales from the first five prints from Jon Weary’s print edition were donated to the campaign the Save the Dox Thrash House. Their fund-raising Campaign reached their 103K goal late last week. Hooray!

Pressure Club is small print shop and gallery located at 711 W. Thompson St., Philadelphia, PA 19122

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