“CHARGONGOOGAH” by Lance Simmons


“Life goes through it.”

Phoenetic translation of insect mantra. Seemingly used as carrier wave for maintaining active ecosystemic balance. Approximated in English as “Life goes through it.”

The installation itself is a suite of activated objects arrayed into a virtual machine for cycling potential immaterial energy into practical material energy and back again.


This exhibition will run from Friday, March 8th until Sunday, April 28th.

Opening reception: Friday, March 8th, 7-9pm

Reception will include musical performances starting at 8:30pm

music by:
Foaming Luxury
Pat Gallagher
Zach Darrup


Lance worked in Pressure Club’s printshop to create a limited edition, multiple-color etching that will be available for sale in our store.

This exhibition will feature an additional  musical performance set for Saturday, April 20th.—more info as it becomes available 🙂

Photo documentation includes the exhibition and close-ups of the print, followed by process photos and pics from the opening reception.

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